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Welcome to „Dreamforest".

What is “Dreamforest”?

“60 minutes of pure relaxation. A journey into nature, where soothing ambient sounds merge with peaceful images of endless forests and lush horizons.”


For which moments in life is “Dreamforest” meant for?

“All of them, actually. But of course especially for those moments when you are looking for peace and calmness. For example after getting up, before falling asleep, while reading or just as an “audio-visual wallpaper” on your computer screen or smart TV.”


How was “Dreamforest” created?

“I love nature and always look for opportunities to be as close to it as possible. A few weeks ago I had the idea to record an ambient soundscape in the middle of the forest. For this purpose, I built myself a mobile forest studio with of an acoustic steel tongue drum and electronic effect devices. “Dreamforest” was recorded live and in real time in the midst of nature. Filming of “Dreamforest” in 4K Ultra HD took place near my hometown in Germany.”

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